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Affordable Web Site Construction and Internet Marketing for the small business.

Historic hoosier artists' colony in beautiful Brown County Indiana

& Bloomington, Indiana, near the campus of Indiana University.

Brown County Indiana is Special...Have you Zipped? Mountain Biked?

Do you want an affordable web site for your small business?

Already have a website, but nobody can find you in Google and other search engines?

Not sure you know all you need to about e-mail, domain names, html, & search spiders?

Afraid of "Google Pay per Click Adds" or "Online Availability"

Want to join the dot com world, but afraid to take the leap?

Did Google Panda eat your website traffic?

Need more information? Don't know where to get the answers?

Found the answers, but... Don't understand the lingo...?

Interested in Social Media Marketing. Want to "Tweet" & "Pin" & "Blog"? Need help with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Constant Contact, Google Analytics, SEO, Webervations, Travelocity, YouTube, keywords & quality links?

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In today's business environment, every business needs a website. Potential customers almost always "google" a business to determine if it is what they are looking for. If your business website does not appear in "the list" or your site does not look or feel right to the customer...it is easy to click on the next in line. Is your website information up to date? Are you mobile? Can the customer see it on their smart phone? Is the contact information on your website found easily and do you respond quickly? Can the customer "shop price"? Does your "about us" web info give the customer confidence that you will deliver? If you have a small business in Brown County Indiana or Bloomington, Indiana, is your website linked to and from other sites that rank well in the search engines? Does your site show up on the first or second page of a Bing search?

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